I’m drawing a ___________.


Dearest Reader,

If memory serves, it’s been ?ve years since the birth of Paci?cSD, the region’s favorite __________ magazine. It’s been a long, __________ ride, and I’m honored that you’ve given me the __________ I deserve.

From __________ beginnings in a crappy of?ce in Paci?c Beach, our homegrown company has graduated to crappy of?ces in Old Town, steps from the freeway, incessant mariachis and the __________ women making tortillas by hand.

Today, 150,000 __________ people like you read the magazine, from Downtown to Carlsbad to La Mesa. Even the guy in __________ who can read picks it up each month, so you gotta know this publication is __________ .

This 60th issue of Paci?cSD celebrates the holidays in America’s Finest City, which (if the world doesn’t end as certain __________ Mayans have predicted), may become America’s __________ City after the mayoral election in November.

Speaking of holidays, did you get a look at that cover? Holy __________ , right? San Diego artist Court Jones created the __________ Coronado scene to show northern folk how we do things down south.

(Jack __________ nipping at my __________? Uh, snow thank you. If I want to freeze my __________ off, I’ll whip out my __________ and ?y to Mammoth.)

Images of __________ and Santa make me nostalgic. I don’t cry much, but there’s something about Christmas (actually, Chanukah, to be __________ ) that makes me think about family and childhood...and that which can put a __________ in my throat.

This photo of my family depicts a more innocent time, in Philadelphia, when my big brother wasn’t such a __________ , Mom had fewer __________ and Dad was still alive. U.S. Navy Retired Captain Joel B. Lench (who lives in San Diego) took the photo in 1975 and emailed me a scan of the original slide yesterday. He was Dad’s best friend, still is my godfather (and one of my best friends) and still smells like __________ and Aramis, just like when he told us to say “cheese” all those years ago.

Ahhh, memories-?eeting, potent, inevitable this time of year. I know if Dad were here today he would say something brilliant, like, “A __________ in the hand is worth a __________ in the Chanukah Bush.”

(He was kind of a __________ like me.)

‘Tis the season to enjoy the __________ greeting cards on pages 67 to 72. Court Jones illustrated these examples of __________ for your viewing (and mailing) pleasure, and you can see from his work that he is completely full of __________ .

And again, thank you so much for reading. Paci?cSD would be __________ without you.

Happy New Year to all, and to all a good __________ .

XOXO, David Perloff, editor in __________ .