Holy hammerheads, Batman!

Over the weekend, the big story in San Diego -- well, aside from T.Swift at Petco Park -- was multiple shark sightings. First, a group of La Jolla kayakers recorded an encounter with an aggressive eight-to-10 foot Hammerhead shark along La Jolla Shores, prompting lifeguards to close down the popular beach for the day. https://youtu.be/_yk6J1pQrKQ Then on Sunday, lifeguards confirmed another Hammerhead sighting in the same area, forcing a second closure. This time, a six-to-eight foot shark was spotted by a kayaker a mile-and-a-half offshore. A marine biologist at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography confirmed that the size, species and behavior of the shark warranted the closure. That being said, he also added that Hammerheads rarely present a threat to humans. Hammerhead La Jolla

Hopefully San Diego this weekend to surf, so hammerhead in la jolla plz vacate the area

- Billy (@William_Coons) August 31, 2015


Source: DiscoverSD
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