Going Places...


Ice storms in Texas don’t impact my life... unless they’re headed for the same crappy-weather locale I am. In this case, that’s Philadelphia.

Barring a ground delay at Lindbergh Field or an extended layover at Dulles International, we (the cold front and I) have the same arrival time: early morning on Grey Wednesday, two days before Black Friday.

I thought the jet stream blows from west to east. Today, however, it just blows. The freezing rain is headed almost due north.

I’ll be arriving in the shi- sorry, make that City of Brotherly Love the day before Thanksgiving. Will Uncle Joel drink too much this year? Will Lex (my 18-month-old boy) eat turkey or run around my brother’s house sneezing and crapping his pants? The answers are “yes” and “the latter.”

Every time I go “home” for the Holidays, I remember why I moved to San Diego 21 years ago, and why I intend to stay. It isn’t the beer, although that helps, of course. And it isn’t the beach; you can’t drink beer there anymore (unless you pour it into a Big Gulp cup first).

Audrina Patridge; nail stylist Angel for Re:vive Salon & Spa; makeup artist Rosie Johnston for and Marc Jacobs Beauty; publicist Molly Schoneveld.” alt=”GROUND CREW (from left): stylist’s assistant Alexus Shefts; stylist Ali Dariotis for Wear it My Way; hair stylist Robert Steinken for Bumble and Bumble; cover model Audrina Patridge; nail stylist Angel for Re:vive Salon & Spa; makeup artist Rosie Johnston for and Marc Jacobs Beauty; publicist Molly Schoneveld.” src=”” width=”370” height=”278” />No, what I love about living in San Diego is that, whenever I leave, I can’t wait to come back. Landing here feels like victory, even when it’s 50 degrees, the local equivalent of freezing.

This year, after serving my annual sentence on the East Coast, I’ll be looking forward to a very merry time in America’s Finest.

Twinkling trees in Balboa Park (museum entry is free December 6 and 7), illuminated boats along the waterfront (the December 8 and 15 Parade of Lights are at once cooler and warmer than Christmas trees) and Hillcrest’s Taste ‘n’ ‘Tinis (shop ‘til you drop, literally, on December 12) are just a few of the countless experiences that make life in this little town such a gift.

Kidding about the little town part - San Diego is all growed up. We have cutting-edge biotech (see Cell Service), dozens of new restaurants (see Edible Complex) and even our very own Jay Z concert (December 7 at Sports Arena).

And thanks to this issue’s cover model, Audrina Patridge, and her new NBC show 1st Look, some of the city’s gems are about to receive national TV coverage (see Taking Flight).

Patridge flew into town for a PacificSD photo shoot at Schubach Aviation, a jet charter company in Carlsbad. And as I prepare to take my seat in coach, having passed through security without anyone noticing the greenery in my carry-on (it helps make the Philly weather bearable), I’m grateful that I’ll be back in San Diego next week.

Awww, look at that cute golden retriever walking this way with the TSA guy. Gotta fly...

Stay warm, San Diego!

David Perloff, Editor-in-Chief