Editor’s Note


36 New Year’s Eve options 17 art and theater openings 164 cool events
12 standup comedy shows 15 movie previews
58 concerts and DJ shows 10 celebrity chefs
19 kinds of beer
27 crafty cocktails
10 snow resorts
28 bartenders
80 restaurants

While this may seem like a lot to fit into one magazine - would you believe it can also fit on a phone? They can do the darnedest shizzle these days. Speaking of shizzle, Sir Snoop’s rapping San Diego a gift for the holidays: a December 6 show at Observatory North Park, after which he’ll transform (without exhaling) into DJ Snoopadelic for a late-night show at FLUXX.

Anyway, for your swiping pleasure, a backlit, inflammable version of all the shiz inside this magazine (plus all the good stuff that doesn’t fit), will soon be available in a trillion brilliant colors on a mobile device near you.

As the D-Oh-Double-Gizzle would say, “Pass that thing over here.” (He’d be talking about your phone.)

To commemorate the beginning of the magazine’s joyful and triumphant 10th year in print, PacificSD is launching a new social/mobile/digital platform before 2016 (or ASAMFP after that). It’s where the city’s New Year’s Eve options, art and theater openings, cool events, standup comedy shows, movie previews, concerts and DJ shows, celebrity chefs, beer, cocktails, nearby snow resorts, bartenders and restaurants will live without taking up a lot of space.

If you’ve ever said, “Hey, what’s happening?” and no one gave you a great answer, this may be the mobile interface for you. Will it really be good? Will it ever actually launch? At this point, it’s safe to hold your breath. Just ask Snoop.

Hizzle New Yizzle!


David Perloff, Editor-in-Chief