Editor’s Note: Get Me Outta Here!


There’s something I like about the new Jeep Grand Cherokee. I don’t know what it is, exactly, because it’s not like I go off-roading or need to haul anything into the woods-I just want one.

Last night, after a seriously long-ass workday, I spent an hour online, clicking around to see if I could find a good deal on (Bargain hunting-Mom would be proud.)

This morning, I’m trying to keep up with the yahoos on a P90X workout DVD, when a Jeep Grand Cherokee commercial interrupts my Pandora with news of an upgraded engine and leather seats.

Hmmm. Coincidence? Yeah, right.

Ten minutes later, another Jeep commercial comes on, this one promoting special financing offers. I think to myself, “Hey, I like special financing.” Then I think, “Wait, how did these auto-mofos find me so fast?”

I was born an analog guy, but I love the digital world. While some web surfers might feel invaded by algorithms that track their browsing behaviors, I think it’s a pretty cool marketing strategy to sell my car dreams to my free music provider.

And I’ve always loved cookies.

Anyway, here I am, jumping up and down in my garage, listening to my iPhone (plugged into an iThing that makes music), contemplating high-tech Jeeps between electro-house tunes on my Deadmau5 station and getting ready for another long day in front of a computer.

And then it strikes me-what the eff am I doing inside?

I leave my phone, grab a house key and head out for a quick run. Along the way, I see a seagull, two squirrels and a pigeon.

This issue of PacificSD celebrates life outdoors in America’s Finest. From mountain lions in La Mesa to sea lions in La Jolla to hipsters in North Park, this town is crawling with an incredible array of wildlife. It’s a jungle out there, and it’s time to put down our phones, pick up the pace and get outside to soak it all in.

As I round the final corner and return to my street, I see a little bird on a telephone pole, chirping. “Cheep, cheep. Cheep cheep.” Or did he say, “Cheap Jeep”? Man, those Google guys are good.

-David Perloff,