Editor’s Note - August 2014

In 1981, The Melody Makers, a band comprised of Ziggy Marley and three of Bob Marley’s other children, performed at their father’s funeral. More than three decades later, Ziggy Marley is still making sweet music. And his message remains clear: love. Love for reggae, love for people, love for humanity.

The prodigal son of a music god has me beat by two years, five kids and six Grammy Awards. Getting the chance to meet him in advance of his August 31 concert at the Del Mar racetrack was something of a religious experience for me, enhanced by the fact that my birthday is 4/20, I was wearing my Cheech and Chong shirt, and the sweet smell of what I assumed to be cannabis was wafting through the air as we talked.

Not that I ever had before, but I certainly didn’t inhale that day and risk botching the interview. Or at least I didn’t exhale... the excitement had me holding my breath.

If you’re a fan - of reggae, of Marley, of music - check out the interview, win one of the thousand tickets we’re giving away to see Ziggy Marley in concert and feel the love in this Music Issue of PacificSD.

Rock on.

David Perloff