Coachella: Expectations vs. reality

When you're heading out to the elusive and attractive Indio festival called Coachella, it's easy to start imagining how perfect your weekend escape is going to be. You're totally going to have the best weekend ever with your tribe while grooving hard to some seriously impressive live musicians, all while being fabulously fashionable and tipsy, right? Read through to see what dreams are really made of as we break down about the expectations we have for Coachella and their actual realistic counterparts. Expectation: Having all of your best friends together in one big group at Coachella Reality: Losing nearly everyone you came with upon entry and separating into mini pods of those who need to dance, those who need to drink and those who just want to go back to the campground to nap. See ya later, Sally! Expectation: New wedges/sandals on fleek Reality: Your feet are begging for mercy and you've only been there for 15 minutes. Not only are your feet dirty and getting stepped on right and left, you are developing blisters on your toes and forgot band-aids to help out your cause. The takeaway? Should have worn your Vans. Expectation: Getting to see all of the bands you're obsessed with Reality: Picking and choosing between the two you love and settling for a lesser artist, i.e. all your friends love ODESZA and you love Foo Fighters. Rough life. Expectation: Sailing through the days with a steady drinking buzz Reality: Once you've purchased your second $13 Coors Light can, you're beginning to realize these have little-to-no-effect on you. You're sober from dancing in the hot sun all day and are now out $30. Not cool, man. Expectation: Enjoying live music and really just living in the moment Reality: Feeling like a packaged sardine in the middle of a set where you literally cannot escape without walking through a mile-long sea of people. Hello, new found claustrophobia. Expectation: Having the perfect beachy, wind-blown hair Reality: Wind-storms in the middle of the desert are simply not as majestic as they seem. We're talking dirt and dust everywhere up on your face and in your hair, causing unintentional dreads and leaving you wishing you opted for a top-knot style instead. Expectation: Meeting your soul-mate at the Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros set Reality: Being rubbed against by a strange, shirtless man who is sweaty, not wearing shoes and who has likely been taking secret keepsake photos of you from behind. More Coachella guides 15 steps to surviving Coachella Guide to getting around Coachella 10 people you'll come across at Coachella Coachella's new culinary lineup #COACHELLA: Social media guide Source: DiscoverSD
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