Art Beat


By Patricia B. Dwyer

2/14-6/15: “Icons of Desire” by Jean Wells
Oceanside Museum of Art
704 Pier View Way, Oceanside
San Diego artist Jean Wells creates pop art mosaic sculptures of Americana symbols, like a six-foot-tall glimmering ice cream cone or this two-and-a-half-foot-tall gumball machine.

2/1-5/18: “Fourth Annual Prix Pictet Exhibition”
Museum of Photographic Arts
1649 El Prado, Balboa Park
See photographic interpretations of the concept of “Power” at this fourth annual installment of Prix Pictet, a prestigious worldwide competition. Pared down from 650 nominated photographs, the 56 works on display were chosen by an international jury for their ability to speak about and change the world.

2/1-6/1: “Function and Fantasy” by Steven and William Ladd
Mingei International Museum
1439 El Prado, Balboa Park
This show offers a look at the last decade of work by brothers Steven and William Ladd, whose bead-covered forms and other installations lie at the accessible intersection of craft, fine art and fashion.

2/2-4/5: Robert Irwin
Quint Contemporary Art
7547 Girard Ave., La Jolla
See artwork from legendary living artist Robert Irwin in this mysterious exhibition (no photos of the works to be displayed will be released until the show opens) of “light, shadow, reflection and color.”

2/2-4/6: “X-TO + J-C: Christo and Jeanne-Claude Featuring Works from the Bequest of David C. Copley”
Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego
700 Prospect Street, La Jolla
Ever hear of the guy who surrounded a chain of 11 islands in Florida with humungous sheets of hot-pink fabric? That’s this guy. Christo is super into to covering, wrapping, draping and concealing mostly massive things with fabric. This exhibition includes some of his earlier mixed-media works as well as sketches of his larger installations, whether realized or only dreamt.

2/4-3/1: “Masks of Sanity” by Scott Rohlfs
317 E Grand Ave., Escondido
This show comprises surreal portraits of moody women, some of whom the artist knows personally. Attend the opening and try to match faces in the crowd to ones hanging on the walls.

2/8-3/1: “WTF is UBE?” by UBE
Visual Shop
3776 30th St., North Park
This San Diego graffiti artist’s first solo show includes installations, paintings and photos of his street-side work.

2/8-3/2: Gloria Muriel
Thumbprint Gallery
920 Kline St., La Jolla
Glimpse this dreamy, surreal muralist’s pared-down works on canvas.

2/14-3/9: “Albert and the Black Hearts” by Albert Reyes
Low Gallery
3778 30th St., North Park
Check out the pop culture (and often sexually charged) ink-on-paper musings of an L.A.- based doodler.

2/15-3/15: “Between the Lines” by Matt Devine and Jeff Kahn
Madison Galleries
1020 Prospect St. #130, La Jolla
Local metal sculptor Matt Devine and Canadian painter Jeff Kahn explore the versatility and function of straight lines in this dual exhibition.

2/15-3/15: “At the End of the Day “ by Andrew Printer
Space 4 Art
325 15th Street, East Village
A British transplant who now works out of Irvine, Andrew Printer will show his portraits of mostly shirtless men obscured by delicate textures laid atop the images.

2/21-3/8: Art Squared
1475 University Ave., Hillcrest
Roughly 50 local artists will display square-shaped pieces of art.