Meet your brewer: Nick Ceniceros

A small operation in the brewery-dense region known as "Beeramar," 32 North Brewing Company has been around for two years. It has done well for itself, growing to make a name and a satellite tasting room in Point Loma's Liberty Station, but owner Steve Peterson is ready to take things to the next level. In doing so, his first order of business was seeking out a standout brewer, and he found it in former Fall Brewing head brewer Nick Ceniceros, who in half a year has taken 32 North's beer flavor and quality to new heights, just in time for Peterson to mash the pedal in his race to the top of the craft-beer heap. PACIFIC: What led you to 32 North and how have you adjusted its beer portfolio? Nick Ceniceros: I loved the challenge of turning around a brewing company, and I really wanted to test my skills to see if I really had the skills to call myself a brewer. As far as the beer, I wanted to focus on improving the beer quality to a San Diego standard. For the most part, I love to brew any style and try my hand at everything ... sixth-gear brewing!  What's on the near-horizon for 32 North? Cans! We are working hard to get on the shelves of (quality bottle shops) like Bine & Vine in North Park. We're also filling barrels with our Russian imperial stout, Death of a Brewer, and making more styles of beer. This brewing thing is fun. What motivates you about brewing? Working in beer has changed my life. I don't know if I could ever get another job after this. In all honesty, some days can really suck, but at the end of the day, I brew beer with a kick-ass group of people. From being a keg-washer to being a head brewer, I still work my ass off to 100 percent of my skill and ability, and am always willing to learn. How was it moving from North Park to Miramar, one beer-saturated locale to another? I do miss Nomad Donuts being so close and walking to work, but home is where you make it. People will come from all over to drink craft beer if it's good, so we'll make sure it is. I love seeing and talking to my old co-workers and bosses at Green Flash and Ballast Point. San Diego isn't just North Park or Miramar. Craft beer is all of San Diego. But I do love the space in Miramar and can't wait to see how 32 North will utilize it in the future. 32 North Brewing Company, 8655 Production Ave., Suite A, Miramar,
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