Yo, Adrienne!


By Rebekah Sager

M?odel and actress Adrienne Janic, best known for her stint as host of TLC’s hit reality show, Overhaulin’, makes our hearts race.

In Overhaulin’, “where the owner gets tricked, and the car gets tricked out,” unsuspecting car-owners have their rusty jalopies high-jacked by imposter thieves. While the “punked” owners are mourning their losses, famed auto designer Chip Foose gets to work with his expert build team, transforming wrecks into masterpieces of engineering art, packed with new engines, custom paint jobs and over-the-top accessories. And the whole process takes just seven days.

So, Ms. Janic must be a car expert, right?

Actually, not quite. “I told the producers that I knew nothing about cars,” Janic says. “They said that was okay. They wanted me to ask the same kinds of questions the average person would, and it worked. We shot 48 episodes during my two seasons on the show.”

PacificSD: What did you do after exiting Overhaulin’?
Janic: “I moved on to host Hot Rod TV and later Hot Import Nights, both on the Speed Channel. I became the ‘car girl.’”

What’s next?
“I’m waiting to hear about two possible new shows. One is fashion-based and the other is a food show about desserts.”

What was your first car?
“I had a 1990 Toyota Corolla SR5. I put over 100,000 miles on it. Back then, a car was just a car.”

What’s your current car?
“I have a 1968 Pontiac Firebird. I designed it from top to bottom. It’s my fun car. I also have a CLK 320 Mercedes and my ‘Mom car,’ a Lincoln Navigator.”

How about your dream car?
“Audi R8-it’s loud, powerful, masculine but still girly. When I first saw it, I had hearts in my eyes. It’s perfection.”

You recently had a baby. How did you get back to showroom condition so fast?
“Honestly, losing the weight right away was not at the top of my to-do list. I just wanted to enjoy my baby. Now, he’s a little Tasmanian devil running all over the place. It was just good, old-fashioned working up a sweat at the gym, doing Pilates and going to Cardio eating right. Now that Deuce is 18 months, I’m finally back.”

That was Henry Ford’s nickname for his son, but then eventually he named the 1932 Ford, “The Deuce Coupe,” or the “30 Deuce.” I thought it was such a cool name, and it fits him so well. He is the best thing in the world and I love him to pieces. It’s kind of funny, because he looks at my 1968 Firebird and his eyes light up. If he thinks he will get that car when he’s a teen, forget it!