Windy City

By Patricia B. Dwyer
Summertime, and the livin’ is breezy.
When the days get hot,
and the room gets musty,
stay cool with a fan...
and make things gusty.

Ceiling the Deal

Design junkies needn’t look any further than this remote-controlled stainless steel ceiling fan with a stylish spherical centerpiece. Have a ball shopping online at
Ball Ceiling Fan
$324 at Room & Board


Big Ass Fan

With diameters of up to 24 feet, aptly named Big Ass Fans (one of which chills the masses at Downtown’s Bar Basic) move air around large spaces by using big blades versus high speed.
$1,000 to $5,000 at Big Ass Fans

Trade Winds

Feeling crafty? Check out the cool cooling contraptions at, like this oscillating device, made with deconstructed vintage fan parts by “Industrial Rewind” online shop owners David and Jackie from Indiana.

Steampunk Oscillating Articulating Arm Fan
$264 at

Easy As AC

Many handheld fans are for suckers, but this fan actually does the sucking, taking in warm air, passing it through a small wet sponge inside the device and blowing out cooled air. Power it up by USB, A/C or batteries, and add aromatherapy oils to the sponge to cool and calm at the same time.

Handy Cooler
$49.99 on Amazon

The Big O

The sleekest fan on the block, this quiet, oscillating, bladeless beauty delivers a solid stream of air without dust or dangerous blades.

Dyson Air Multiplier 10" Table Fan
$299.99 at Target

Air Apparent

Offering the aesthetic of vintage without the noise, smell or impracticality, this whisper-silent floor fan telescopes up to 6' 8", oscillates and tilts-tricks grandma’s old fan could never do.

Allaire Telescoping
Floor Fan
$219-249 at Restoration Hardware


Work Blows

Outfitted with a smart motor, this desk fan stops when its soft blades come into contact with a foreign object, resuming once the object is removed. Perfect for an office setting-when shit hits this fan, it won’t fly far.

SoleusAir 8" Soft Blade Table Fan
$19.99 at Staples


Keep your laptop cool and your vibes cooler with this laptop stand, featuring a fan, two 10-watt speakers and a subwoofer.

Macally TuneFan
$74.99 at Costco