What’s Your Number?

Story and Photos by Logan Broyles
(Published in February 2010 Issue)

For even the most flirtatious singles on the prowl, getting someone’s number is no small feat. So, asking a stranger to reveal his or her number of sexual partners must be even more difficult...if not outright dangerous. Risking ridicule and physical trauma, PacificSD’s crack team of love experts pack the tour bus with the latest in scientific measuring devices (a dry-erase board, magic marker and digital camera) and head to the epicenter of singledom: Pacific Beach.

Driving west down Garnet Avenue, we find a rare parking spot right in front of Johnny V nightclub and dining lounge. It’s Friday happy hour, and the place is packed, making it the ideal location in which to conduct our groundbreaking sexperiment. Plying patrons with alcohol and promises of stardom, the interns manage to collect important data. How does your number compare?