What a Trip

By Michael Benninger

Whether you're heading out of town or need a gift for someone on the go, these new products are sure to make getting there half the fun.

Built with speed in mind and employing DAHON's LockJaw hinge - which creates a barely noticeable bulge on the bike's frame - this contorting two-wheeler provides one of the most stable steering experiences available on a foldable bike.
DAHON CLINCH D10 FOLDABLE BIKE | $TBD | dahon.com (Available later this year)

Toss one of these palm-sized products into your suitcase to keep tabs on your baggage after it leaves your hands. The handy GPSenable device provides real-time data about your luggage's location, so whether you've just packed dirty undies or Aunt Doris' ashes, you can relax knowing right where your stuff is. In the unfortunate - and inevitable - case that the airline does lose your luggage, you can give the airport details about its exact whereabouts.
TRAKDOT LUGGAGE TRACKER | $49 | trakdot.com

The aviation-obsessed husband-andwife team behind this collection of first-class, airport-inspired prints believes airports are sacred gateways to be celebrated. Having already recreated more than 350 terminals and runways, they remain committed to making art of any airport for which they're commissioned.
08 LEFT AIRPORT POSTERS | $23 | 08left.com

This cutting-edge fashion accessory is perfect for airports, hotels or anywhere else you might need to share your connection to the Interwebz. One of the polished silver cufflinks serves as 2GB of storage space, while the other turns your laptop into the hottest hotspot in Terminal 2.
RAVI RATAN WIFI & 2GB USB CUFFLINKS | $250 | cufflinks.com

Ditch the unwieldy suit bags and pick up one of these wrinkle-repellant cases instead. Designed to support a suit's structure during travel, SuitPack's light, sturdy, crease-conscious construction means it can be carried on its own or packed in a larger suitcase.
SUITPACK | $149 | suit-pack.com

Next time you're away, grant friends, family and that weird dogsitter access to your pad with a few taps on your touchscreen. Controlled by a companion app, the August Smart Lock employs Bluetooth technology, enabling you to monitor and control who gets into your home and when. The wireless installation is a snap, and a deadbolt extension that works with existing door hardware means you don't need to be Bob Vila to have first smart lock on your block.
AUGUST SMART LOCK | $249 | Available at Apple Stores and august.com

Quit lamenting the French you've forgotten since high school. Turns out, you'll never need it again anyway thanks to this diminutive device that knows 25 languages. Promising to change how you communicate with foreign-language speakers, Sigmo translators feature intuitive bidirectional controls that seem straight out of Star Trek. Each speaker presses down one of two buttons while talking, and then the device audibly translates the message into the second language.

This do-it-yourself cocktail kit includes everything needed to fix a couple of in-flight Old Fashioneds (not counting the bourbon). Use the spoon-slashmuddler to mix-in small-batch bitters and unrefined sugar. A linen coaster adds an air of class to enjoying the robust flavor while trying to forget about the kid kicking the back of your seat.
THE CARRY ON COCKTAIL KIT | $24 | carryoncocktailkit.com

Track your global domination and dream destinations with this puncturable planet. Held in place by a stainless steel base, the 12-by-10- inch sphere rotates for your pinning pleasure, includes five thumbtacks and makes a great gift for worldly winos.
CORK GLOBE | $129 | cb2.com

Recognized as the travel industry's highest-grossing crowdfunded product-launch, the space-age, waterproof Trunkster suitcase touts zipper-less entry, a built-in scale, GPS-tracking capability, an easy-access sliding door and a USB charging station with enough juice to power a smartphone nine times over. Set a custom fourdigit code on the TSA-friendly Travel Sentry lock to keep its contents safe from shady characters.
TRUNKSTER | $300-$350 | trunkster.co

Made with a combination of bamboo cotton and microscopic zinc-oxide particles that block 98 percent of UVA and UVB rays, this airy and stylish pullover feels smooth against the skin. The neck expands into an exaggerated hood for further sun protection, while long sleeves with thumbholes ensure your entire arm's solar safety. A variety of garments are available for men and women.
ZNO COWL NECK PULLOVER | $59 | coolibar.com

Pushing all the Right Buttons

Invaluable travel apps

Your best friend on the day of your flight, GateGuru assists with navigating to airports, notifications about estimated wait times, locations of nearby restaurants and much more. If your gate changes, or your flight is delayed, GateGuru ensures that you'll be the first to know. A partnership with Avis means rental car reservations are a couple taps away.
Available in the App Store, Google Play and the Windows Store | gateguru.com

Built for spontaneous, thrillseeking types, Hotel Tonight offers rock-bottom prices for last-minute rooms at handpicked, highly rated hotels. Rooms are categorized as Basic, Hip or Luxe, and the Hotel Tonight team provides valuable insights to guide your decisionmaking. Your next hotel room is only three taps and a swipe away, no matter where you are.
Available in the App Store, Google Play and the Windows Store | hoteltonight.com

Hopper compiles massive data sets derived from the complex flightpricing system, helping users find and make the best arrangements for upcoming trips. Get up-to-the- minute notifications about the ideal time to purchase tickets to maximize savings and feel good about the deal you're getting.
Available in the App Store

Owned by Charmin, this app lets users find, view and rate more than 100,000 public restrooms worldwide. An interactive map makes it easy to run, tiptoe, or waddle to the nearest potty, where you can snap pics and review the facilities. Rate a restroom as "Sit," if you had a blast, or "Squat," if it was a less than pleasurable experience.
Available in the App Store and Google Play | sitorsquat.com

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