VAVi: Sports Report


Flag Football, PB - Belly Option On 3
Flag Football, Clairemont- Shockers
Flag Football, Clairemont - Don’t Eat Yellow Snow

Kickball, OB - Cram it Up Your Cramhole
Kickball, Old Town - Gaucho Loco
Kickball, La Jolla - Two Kicks in Your Mouth
Kickball, North Park - Recess Warriors
Kickball, North Park - Wolfpack
Soccer, Point Loma - Billy’s Angels
Soccer, Mira Mesa - The Phoenix
Softball, La Jolla - ProFlowers

Softball, North Park - Master Batters
Softball, North Park - Drunk Tank
Softball, North Park - Trouble Makers
Softball, North Park - Slump Busters
Softball, Point Loma - Booze Bags
Softball, Old Town - Cubinals
Softball, OB - Green Monsters
Softball, North Park - Bad News Paloozas
Indoor Volleyball, Carmel Valley - Dirty 1/2 Dozen
Indoor Volleyball, Carmel Valley - Aces Up
Beach Volleyball, OB - The Hot Toddies
Beach Volleyball, OB - DezzManian Devils
Beach Volleyball, OB - Balls Deep
Inner Tube Water Polo, Mission Beach - Team Shrinkage
Kickball, PB - Red Balls & Vodka
Soccer, Gaslamp - FC Pacific Beach Surf Shop



















“Drinking Team with a Kickball Problem”
- Hands Down the Grooviest Team in San Diego






Around San Diego With Vavi

Coed Flag Football Saturday at Pacific Beach Elementary








Coed Soccer Wednesday in Mira Mesa






Coed Kickball Thursday in Old Town