UCSD students protest Ché Café eviction


Early Tuesday morning, UC San Diego students and alumni gathered outside the Ché Café to protest the 35-year-old collective’s eviction.

For years, UCSD has been in dispute with the Ché Café over its lease, and the condition of the buildings.

On November 4th, a superior court judge ruled the café had to forfeit its lease and give the university the right to assume possession of the property.

“We believe there’s no legitimacy to the eviction” a representative for the Ché told Fox-5 news. “We believe the space is up to code, and we know it’s up to code.”

Earlier this month, UC San Diego chancellor Juan Gonzalez asked the café to voluntarily vacate the space, or a formal eviction would ensue.

“Until the university is willing to facilitate good faith negotiations with the Ché collective, the collective will be unwilling to vacate its space,” the collective said in a statement.

Source: DiscoverSD