The View From PacificSD’s Office...


But the people behind the magazine are kind, smart and badass (aka really good) at what they do, which makes PacificSD a great place to work.

Halfway into our seventh year (you’re perusing monthly issue No. 77), PacificSD is growing again. And if you’re as awesome at work things as you are at picking magazines, we might have the perfect gig for you, like one of these:

Account Executives: Say and do smart things to help advertising partners reach the PacificSD audience.
Graphic Designers: Design cool, beautiful stuff, sometimes really fast.
Web Developers: Whatever it is you do that we don’t quite understand, we need some help with that.
Writers: It’s all about the words, yo! If you got the flow, we want to know.

As far as jobs go, this is one.