The do’s and dont’s of CRSSD Fest 2015

With festival season coming to a close, you’re probably a seasoned vet at this point. But remember young fest-goer, that each show is different. Rules may vary from fest-to-fest, which could leave you up a creek with a vape pen if you’re unprepared for CRSSD Festival.

This DJ-driven party at Waterfront Park is bringing out-of-this-world electro-music talent right to our own backyard. Check out the list below and keep these little things in mind to make sure your CRSSD experience is full of nothing but good vibes.

The Do’s:

-Do drink yummy craft beer and creative cocktails while jammin’ out. There will be multiple cocktail and craft beer watering holes around the park (see map) for your enjoyment. Definitely indulge, responsibly.

-Do make sure you have everything you need for the all-day affair prior to entering, because once you’re in, there’s no going back. AKA, there’s no re-entry for this party.

-Do print your tickets out before arriving vs. hoping the ticket on your phone scans through. It’s quicker for everyone.

-Do download the Yago App which will keep you on track with set times, updates and changes sent directly to your phone.

-Do treat yourself to some of the local food offered at CRSSD. There’s plenty of worthy eats for vegan and vegetarian folks, too.

-Do consider purchasing a locker, which includes a secure cell-charging port inside, for $25 per day or $40 for both days. You can store all your fest-y necessities and charge-up your phone without having to stay nearby to make sure it’s safe.

-Do bring GoPros, sunglasses, sealed chapstick, sealed gum and a small towel to sit on.

The Don’ts:

-Don’t forget to bring sunscreen! We don’t want this event to turn into a sunburn-a-thon. It will be summer weather all weekend long.

-Don’t bring cigarettes, vapes or e-cigs. This is a non-smoking festival.

-Don’t bring selfie-sticks. Just don’t.

-Don’t not plan ahead. Use the map below to scout out the perfect meeting spots for the “just incase-s”, like when you happen to lose one member of your crew because they decided to crowd surf away.

-Don’t waste your money on enviro-unfriendly water bottles at CRSSD Fest. Instead, bring a reusable Nalgene bottle so you can fill up on endless H20 at the hydration stations located across the park.

-Don’t bring your phone charger from home that you may misplace. Use the charging station handily located on-site. No need to tote around extra cords when CRSSD has your back (and phone) taken care of.

-Don’t drive your own car to CRSSD, especially if you are going to be partaking in alcoholic provisions. We’d choose to Uber any day. There will be a specific Uber drop-off location making it much easier to just hop out and run into the fest. Use the code “CRSSDTOBER” for a free first ride up to $20.

Or, save even more money by using the Green Line Trolley. Get dropped at Little Italy/County Center stop.

-Don’t forget to check out some of the rad after parties around town, going on from Friday to Sunday night.

For more information on allowed and prohibited items, visit

Source: DiscoverSD