Submergers & Acquisitions


By Catlin Dorset

(Clockwise from green bag at top)

Strap On
Sensor Command Deck Bag
This bag carrier with mounting straps (for a kayak or stand-up paddleboard) has a waterproof pop-up display and storage compartment, perfect for kayakers needing to reference Google Maps (or keep a lighter dry) while on the water.

See Creatures
Ikelite Underwater Systems
These heavy-duty housing units are custom built to keep virtually any camera safe and functional while being used alongside the fishies, as far down as 200 feet. The ergonomic rubber handles make it (a little) easier to capture the perfect underwater shots.
Prices vary,

Skinny Dipped
Sony Xperia Tablet Z
At 0.27 inches thick, the world’s thinnest tablet (for now) is narrower than a pencil; can withstand being in up to three feet of fresh water for 30 minutes; and boasts a vibrant, 10.1- inch, scratch resistant, high-resolution screen. Perfect for a little Facebook creeping in the bathtub.

On Another Note
No more awesome ideas have to run down the shower drain thanks to these suction- cupped, recyclable, environmentally friendly waterproof writing pads. ideal for leaving important messages to loved ones, such as “Sorry, I used all the soap.”

Sound Waves
Let the music float beside you with this 100 percent waterproof Bluetooth speaker and speakerphone. A 10-hour battery keeps the pool party going by streaming music from any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Water Logged
Misfit Shine
This quarter-size, aircraft-grade aluminum activity tracker logs every step, stride and stroke, and stays securely in place with a heavy-duty magnet clasp. Tracking your action is as easy as downloading the shine app and placing the button on your phone’s screen.

Wet Your APPetite
iGills SE-35
When used with the free iGills app, this waterproof case, converts your iPhone into the ultimate underwater diving computer. safe up to 130 feet below the surface, it features depth alarms, ascent rates and one more excuse never to put your phone down.

Memory Dive
LaCie PetiteKey
With a storage capacity of up to 32GB, this waterproof keychain USB will survive a 100-meter plunge. The clicker for your car won’t.