Something New Has Sprouted at Bellamy’s


Press Release

Something new has sprouted at Bellamy’s Restaurant, an Escondido gem. This chic bistro utilizes seasonal ingredients for an ever-evolving, farm-to-table menu filled with robust flavors. Now, it has breathed life into a recently revitalized space that will celebrate the timeless tastes of upscale, modern California-French cuisine.

Fine dining and an atmosphere to match can now be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike in a newly remodeled space, placing Bellamy’s first in its class among North County eateries.

After partnering with San Diego-based Solc Interiors for the new design, the restaurant is ready for a grand unveiling. Bellamy’s enhanced interior reflects a mixed style, with mid-century modern and industrial touches throughout. After stepping through the door, a community-style, reclaimed walnut table lures diners in for a conversation among friends, or a fine family dining experience. It’s just the place to capture a view of your meal coming to life in the demonstration kitchen. Custom-designed pieces are the focal point here, with walnut tables throughout, luxurious oversized booths beneath smoked mirrors, a glistening chandelier and a rejuvenated exposition bar with leather-wrapped and studded accents.

“We are so proud of this new space,” says Derry Van Nortwick, General Manager and Sommelier at Bellamy’s. “Our updated look is an expression of our continued commitment to quality on every level.” There’s no mystery as to why Bellamy’s is a recent recipient of multiple Open Table Diners Choice awards in the “Best Service,” “Best Food” and “Best Overall” categories.

The newly designed masterpiece matches the edible works of art coming from the kitchen’s chef, Patrick Ponsaty. A testament to his bona fide culinary talents, he received the honorable title of “Master French Chef” from the Association of Maîtres Cuisiniers de France. This designation is shared with only 51 chefs in the United States, and only one other chef in San Diego County. Utilizing seasonal ingredients found locally at The Ranch at Bandy Canyon, his farm-to-table menu is always changing. In each item on the seasonal menu, look for specialty fresh, local ingredients incorporated throughout the entirety of the dish - from vegetables to sauces.

Looking to the enhanced space for inspiration, Bellamy’s will highlight the remodel in their daily offerings. A revamped Happy Hour will soon be the talk of the town, when guests will pull up a seat at the white marble countertop and sip on a handcrafted cocktail featuring fresh herbs and fruits from The Ranch. In an effort to incorporate the local flavors throughout, Chef Patrick will also feature a tasting menu, consisting of sample portions of many different dishes served in several courses for a set price. Although the selections will rotate daily, its flavors will bring diners back time and time again.

Bellamy’s is a classic Escondido favorite that has looked to its roots - quite literally - to create decadent culinary fare featuring local ingredients. Now, they boast a re-imagined space and atmosphere to match. This recent transformation is reflective of Bellamy’s commitment to quality, fine fare and award-winning hospitality.