Puesto Change-o


Press Release

Puesto’s Mezcal Infusion Collaboration with Madison on Park, Kettner Exchange and The Patio on Goldfinch kicked off April 1, with each of the four restaurants offering a cocktail made with one of the other restaurants’ mezcal infusions. Each creation was made with La Niña Mezcal and infused for weeks to create unique depths of flavor. Mezcal lovers will need to check out all four restaurants to sample the cocktails and partake in this fun and creative spin on the liquor of the moment.

  • Madison’s cocoa butter washed mezcal was used by Puesto to create the Mezcal Alexander: cocoa butter washed mezcal, half & half, simple syrup, garnished with chocolate pearls. This cocktail is a variation on the classic Brandy Alexander, a brandy and creme de cacao cocktail. Says Lucien Conner from Puesto, “With the really rich cacao flavor that the folks over at Madison were able to layer into the La Niña Mezcal, we wanted to keep things simple. What tastes great with chocolate? Cream and sugar.”

  • Kettner Exchange’s toasted coconut and pineapple went to The Patio on Goldfinch, where they created

    The Kettner Exchange: Kettner Exchange’s pineapple and coconut mezcal, l

    ime juice, pineapple juice, pomegranate juice, egg white, cilantro (served up and garnished with cilantro oil).

  • The Patio’s candied golden beet and chamomile went to Madison, where Danny Kushner created the Northern Migration: candied golden beet and chamomile mezcal, lime, sage, and grapefruit liqueur.

  • Puesto’s corn and cumin infusion was used at Kettner Exchange to create the El Maíz: corn & cumin infused mezcal, chili liqueur, lemon, ginger, cholla.

The four cocktails will be available for a limited time, as long as the special infusions last.