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By Ron Donoho / Photos by Kristina Yamamoto
Pacific Beach.” alt=”KUSI morning reporter Brad Perry has his yarn and eats it, too, at his favorite knitting hangout, Needcraft Cottage in Pacific Beach.” src=”” width=”570” height=”422” />

Brad Perry is the wise-cracking, guitar-strumming, beanie-knitting, roving reporter on Good Morning San Diego (KUSI-TV). Born in Battle Creek, Michigan (known as “The Cereal City” for being home to the Kellogg Company), he moved to Chicago to study at the prestigious Second City comedy school. Before arriving in San Diego in 2009 to help wake up the local citizenry, Perry spent 10 years on the early shift at Good Morning Arizona.

What was it like training with the Second City comedy troupe?

Amazing. I worked with guys like Tim Meadows, Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert and the late Chris Farley. I got to watch how they did improv and worked on comic timing. I feel like more reporters should get improv training - you wouldn’t see so many robots on TV.

What are the funniest skits you did at Second City?

There was one where a guy went home to visit his girlfriend’s parents and had to explain what his profession was. Turns out he was a [porn] “fluffer.” Another time, we did a sketch about what it would be like if the characters of Disneyland - The Seven Dwarves, Snow White - had to go off to war.

How did you get into music?

My daughter, Olivia, was in a performing arts school and she took up the guitar. So we had it in the house, and I just picked it up and gave it a try.

How’s the music career going?

I put out an eight-song EP called Brad Perry and the Acoustic Fingerprints. I call my music Americana and soul. I’m planning a coffeehouse tour for 2013 - it’s going to be covers, with my own flair.

I’ve seen you mix improv and music. Talk about your one-man show at The Stage in the Gaslamp Quarter.

You’re talking about the “Waving Guy” song. A guy came into the bar and waved at me while I was playing guitar onstage. Some people would just ignore him or get thrown off by him. I made up a song on the spot called “Waving Guy.” Everybody started waving and dancing.

Why did you start knitting beanies?

The last guy you expect to see making beanies is a 6-foot-2 black guy, right? I’m addicted to it. I’ve probably knitted more than 200 beanies in two years. I do it to kill time and relax, and to chill. I do it everywhere, and people are like, “Is he really knitting?” I’ll tell you this: chicks dig it.

What are some of your favorite on-air reporting moments?

Everybody was nervous when we were doing a live spot at LIPS. It’s a drag-queen place. I have to tell you, those ladies-slash-gentlemen were fun. And very good at what they do. Yes, I dressed up. It’s theater. I really think if you can pull that off, you can pull off anything.

What’s your funniest childhood moment?

When I was a kid, my brother, Brent, and I opened our Christmas presents ahead of time. We got Battlestar Galactica ships. We played with them, and played with them. And we broke them. We sloppily wrapped them back up. On Christmas, we opened them up and said, “Hey, Mom, they’re broken! We need to take them back.” But...she knew.

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

Brad Perry’s home invasions

KUSI-TV morning roving reporter Brad Perry has the monthly duty of showcasing the high-end houses featured in San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles.

How does he like that task?

“As a guy who’s not a pro athlete or an actor, it’s great being in those big houses,” he says.

Part of Perry’s shtick is asking homeowners if he can hang out in their homes for the rest of the day.

“The funny thing is, I don’t think they know if I’m joking or not,” Perry says. “Then, I try and hang out after the morning show is over as long as possible. I’ve been known to go through people’s fridges.”