Kickass entrepreneur: Zesty

Randy Apuzzo and Andy Fleming aren’t just friends and business partners, they are two people who speak the same language. It’s a tech language that not many can comprehend, but that shared language of databases and code led the two to become friends in 2010 after meeting at a convention. After that, the two met every Monday for a few months and together they built the first version of is a platform that is accessible through any mobile device or web browser that allows companies to distribute content to websites, mobile applications, smart TVs or any device connected to the Internet. The platform enables businesses to connect consumers to their content easier, while still delivering a high quality brand experience.

After years of testing Zesty, they met Gerry Widmer, who also spoke their language and understood the need for the software. His experience helped launch their product by storm and now the three work together to make sure Zesty is introduced and available for businesses around the world.

Q: Quote you love or motto you try to live by?

Apuzzo: You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.

Fleming: Growth doesn’t come from silver bullets. Growth comes from winning a thousand tiny battles.

Widmer: Be a kind person.

Q: Best part about doing business in San Diego?

Apuzzo: There is great smart technology everywhere. No matter where you go, you run into smart people. There is a great variety of culture here, both in people and food. Produce is always fresh. Beaches and surf breaks are always great.

Q: Current client of yours that you are most proud of and why?

Apuzzo: Sony. As a child I owned a 13-inch Sony TV with VCR hooked up to a Sony Playstation. If you told me today that one day my technology would power one of their product’s web content, I wouldn’t believe you.

Q: CEO that you admire and why?

Apuzzo: Elon Musk. He is able to win over the hearts of people and see his ideas through.

Fleming: My favorite CTO is Bryan Cantrill from Joyent. He’s a brilliant thought-leader.

Widmer: Satya Nadella. He’s focused, tough and despises bureaucracy. His leadership empowers people to do their best and gets results; he puts his people first versus today’s new breed of CEOs who want to be the “rock star.”

Q: If you could be a superhero who would it be and why?

Apuzzo: Nightcrawler. Teleporting would give me back so much time I spend could spend with loved ones.

Fleming: Ironman. Duh. Lots of cool tech.

Widmer: Mr. Incredible. He never gives up and cares about what matter’s most -- his family.

Q: If someone were to play you in a movie who would it be?

Apuzzo: Kit Harington (Jon Snow from “Game of Thrones”).

Fleming: Justin Timberlake.

Widmer: I’ve been told I look like Bruce Willis many times. Yippie kay ya...

Q: Soundtrack for your life?

Apuzzo: My record collection.

Fleming: Odesza.

Widmer: Every John Hughes movie combined.

Q: Three things you would bring to a deserted island?

Apuzzo: My fiancée, a desalinator, a solid knife.

Fleming: A gassed up helicopter, a helicopter pilot, and a California burrito.

Widmer: Wife (and..maybe the kids?), 1 billion books (in one container), and all my music.

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