Kickass entrepreneur: Jaime Partners

When walking around San Diego, most can’t help but take in the beautiful buildings and restaurants that make San Diego great. But have you ever wondered who is behind constructing these works of art? For instance, some of your favorite spots including Searsucker, Puesto and the new Bracero Cocina de Raiz in Little Italy were the vision of two friends turned business partners, Alfredo Jaime and Rodolfo Farber.

Jaime specializes in general contracting and takes the vision of the client and makes it a reality with a focus on timeliness and professionalism. Farber, on the other hand, brings knowledge on business strategy with strong program and project management experience. Together they created the successful construction management company,Jaime Partners in 2011. Currently they are working on the entitlement for a new 170-room hotel remodel in downtown San Diego, a new design-build restaurant bar project at Otay Mesa crossing that connects the Tijuana airport with San Diego County; and on the construction and remodel of a new concert venue in Little Italy called Music Box.

Q: Hobbies you enjoy in San Diego?

Farber: Working out, visiting different places and sites.

Jaime: Bike riding around my East Village neighborhood, jogging around the bay and trying new restaurants with my other half.

Q: So far what has been your most challenging, yet rewarding project?

Farber : From the strategy point of view I would have to say Herringbone in Los Angeles.

Jaime: In our line of duty they all are! But the one I have a clear memory being the most difficult to build was Herringbone Restaurant, La Jolla - planting 100-year-old olive trees and then building the restaurant around them was extremely difficult.

Q: Building or space you would love to get your hands on?

Farber: Some amazing new restaurant in the Prado area of Balboa Park where all the museums are at and maybe connecting to the botanic garden? Maybe looking into the water pond and coming up with some sustainable idea integrating both.

Jaime: Well, right next to the newest Sempra Energy tower in East Village is a historic building, Western Wholesale Drug Building 7th and J. This would be fun to remodel and adding a rooftop bar.

Q: Differences between doing business in California vs other states?

Farber: California pushes us to be very creative, a lot of pushing and mediating brings dreams to reality.

Jaime: The permit process is way faster in other states and permit fees are more relaxed. We should review our local fees and processes to help and promote small businesses.

Q: If you had a super power what would it be and why?

Farber: I wish I could construct a person’s untapped vision and turn them into brick and mortar in a millisecond.

Jaime: To be able to move from one place to the other within a second, double the work load, and able to expand more and more.

Q: CEO or company that you admire and why?

Farber: Beverly Bailey from Stronghold engineering, female-owned business that I believe shares our values.

Jaime: I would say Richard Branson from Virgin Group, a teenager when everything started for him with his student magazine and up till now with all of his philanthropy empowering worldwide villages.

Q: Three things you would take to a deserted island?

Farber: My IPhone, my company team and my therapist.

Jaime: My girl, my drums and lifetime supply of ceviche.

Amber Mesker is an entertainment and lifestyle reporter for DiscoverSD. She loves providing readers updates on Hollywood gossip, San Diego fashion and cool weekend events. You can follow Amber and laugh at her fun, crazy life at @ambermesker

Source: DiscoverSD