Hard Core

By Lauryn Evarts / Photos by Sara Norris
Hello, fellow fitness freaks. My name’s Lauryn Evarts. I’m the blogger behind lifestyle brand The Skinny Confidential, a site about living a healthy, happy, balanced life. When PacificSD invited me to call out the workout of the month, my decision was easy - Core40 in Carmel Valley.

I taught Pilates at Core40 before I started blogging, and I’m still addicted to these amazing workouts, which were designed to give your body that long, lean Victoria’s Secret model look. You can burn up to 600 calories in a 40- minute session, and you leave feeling freaking amazing.

After two months of Core40, my legs are leaner and my arms are stronger. Plus, my posture is improved as a result of my back getting stronger. Engaging my core throughout the workout means my abs and entire midsection feel tighter, too.
Take a water bottle and wear workout attire or anything comfortable that you can move in. You can do this workout in socks or barefoot. Either way, you’ll be working all of your muscles, so be ready to sweat.

This workout is ideal for body transformation or just staying hot. It’s super fun, so take a friend along and have a blast getting in shape.

Reverse Standing Inner Thighs
Doing any kind of leg exercise on a Pilates machine (versus on the floor) requires an additional degree of balance, which means the core muscles are working hard along with the legs.

Tailbone Angel
Another move that shows the versatility of Pilates machines and the way they incorporate multiple muscle groups into one movement is the Tailbone Angel, which works the chest, abs and arms simultaneously.

Standing Inner Thighs
What I love about the Pilates machine is that it can be used to target specific body parts. This inner-thigh exercise strengthens muscles while boosting flexibility.

Elevator Lunge
Lunge plus balance equals burn. The deeper you go into the lunge, the more you work your legs, and the more your flexibility will improve.

Kneeling Torso Twist
Torso twists on the Pilates machine offer a full range of motion and and a great way to work the obliques, creating a more defined midsection.

Planks rock. They work the arms, legs and core at the same time.

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Lauryn Evarts is a native San Diego blogger, fitness instructor, model and author. Her blog, The Skinny Confidential, draws nearly 500 thousand viewers per month. Evarts has contributed to numerous media outlets including The Huffington Post and recently penned the book, The Skinny Confidential: A Babe’s Sexy, Sassy Health and Lifestyle Guide. Follow her blog at