Gift guide: For the health and fitness freak


If there’s someone in your life who is annoyingly obsessed with working out, eating well, living a balanced lifestyle and, overall, just enjoys being a health and fitness junkie, this gift guide is for them. Here are five picks for what to get the health lover in your life.

Classes at a fitness studio

What is better than hitting the gym to get a sweat on? Doing it for free. If your fit friend or family member loves to hop on the Pilates reformer, do yoga or take a spin class here and there - why not hook them up with some free classes? We recommend checking out deals at Rush Cycle, Club Pilates or Trilogy Sanctuary.

Supply of Perfect Bars

These bars are nutritious, delicious and locally made in San Diego. Any healthy foodie, especially those who love nut butters, will be gaga over a package of these pretty, perfect bars. They come in a variety of different flavors, such as Almond Coconut, Cashew Blueberry and Carob Chip.

A brand new bike

If your loved one doesn’t have their own bike for riding around town, it’s time they do. This great gift is the one that keeps on giving, allowing them to practice a fun, healthy habit at their leisure. With plenty of great bike shops around town, it’s hard to pick just one. A few of our favorites to check out include North Park Bikes, Pacific Beach Bike Shop and Bernie’s Bike Shop in Ocean Beach.

A quality reusable water bottle

Drinking water supposedly is a huge factor in health, if you haven’t heard. A true health advocate always has a bottle at hand to make sure they’re getting enough H20 throughout the day. We like this 21-ounce stein from Healthy Human, which comes in over 10 different colors. It’s BPA-free, insulates iced drinks up to 24 hours, has a wide mouth that makes it easy for drinking on the go, and it fits in your vehicle’s cupholder perfectly. It’s ideal for that person in your life who is busy living a healthy lifestyle. We also like the 20-ounce cruiser tumbler, great for preparing and toting smoothies and juices.

A do-it-yourself Kombucha kit

If your fit-friend is on trend, they probably love guzzling the probiotic-filled, fermented tea known as Kombucha. We love the idea of gifting this cool kit that offers a first-time booch brewer a bit of help. It includes a glass brew jar, loose leaf tea, a temperature gauge and more.

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