Fisherman vs. drone

Randy Burns, the local fisherman who hooked a drone off of Crystal Pier, is standing by his story. Yes, he attacked the drone, and if given the opportunity, he would do it again.

However the drone operator, 19-year-old Tice Ledbette, feels differently. He told FOX5 San Diego: “I’m sorry, but I was in the air only 28 seconds and he started the process of attacking my drone within seconds of me being there. At no point in time was I actually flying over people until Randy hooked my drone and forced me into the direction of the pier.”

Since unraveling the line and posting the video to YouTube, Tice’s video has received close to two million views.

Drone Fisherman

Additionally, it has sparked a great debate: Who’s at fault? The drone operator for flying his rig up and down Pacific Beach, or the fisherman who went Indiana Jones on the flying object? Or, is the whole thing a HOAX?

Fisherman hooks drone. Whose side are you on?

Captain hook



Drone pilot



The whole thing is a hoax



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Source: DiscoverSD