Dating: A girl asked me on a date, do I have to pay?


A girl asked me on a date, do I still have to pay?

I would love to think that chivalry isn’t dead and that paying for a girl is still something guys do. However, she is the one who asked you out. And I’ve heard of girls asking guys out just to get a free meal. Broke girls will do anything for a hot meal.

Hopefully this girl has the best intentions and isn’t just making reservations at the most expensive steak house so she can get her lobster on. Feel out the night. If you really like her, I think it’s a sweet gesture to offer to pay, especially if the date is going well. It wins you brownie points and hopefully gets you to third base and another date. But if it’s not going well, then maybe just offer to pay your half, then leave.

How soon should I introduce the guy I’m dating to my friends?

I would take your time and go on a few dates with him first. Feel him out and form your own opinion before your friends take a stab at analyzing him. The last thing you want is your girlfriends comments to cloud your own opinion before you’ve had proper time to get to know him.

And let’s not lie to ourselves, introducing your new guy to your girlfriends is like feeding fresh meat to a salivating wolf pack. It can be a bit overwhelming and your guy should have the proper amount of time to stretch, hydrate and prepare for the interrogation that’s about to happen.

Do you believe once a cheater, always a cheater?

This is a tough one. Cheating is just a dirty scumbag move. And someone who cheats lacks morals and integrity. I do believe that if someone cheats on a loved one, there is a good chance they would do it again. However, I do think with age comes maturity and the person you were at 22 is no longer the person you are now.

We all made mistakes when we were younger, like bad bangs and horrid fashion choices. So if someone cheated in their younger days, I don’t necessarily think it means they will cheat now. You just have to trust your intuition and figure out whether you think the person you’re dating learned from his/her mistake and changed his/her ways.

Source: DiscoverSD