Cool as a Cucumber



When a 130-foot cucumber flies over America’s Finest coastline, local folks with their feet on the ground will know it’s not a bird or a plane.

But it is super, man - you could score a ride in this thing. What a trip.

Hendrick’s Gin’s domestic dirigible is embarking upon a 13-city tour culminating at New York City’s Cucumber Festival on June 14, which Hendrick’s has dubbed National Cucumber Day.

This curious cruise in a cucumber (the preferred garnish for Hendrick’s Gin cocktails), begins May 2 in San Diego. Take a photo of the flying fruit soaring above the city that day and post it to Instagram (same day) with hashtag #hendricksairship to win a ride for two on May 3 - talk about slice of life.

Just don’t look down... #hendricksairship