Car falls at Fashion Valley

Car falls at Fashion Valley (/ @41ActionNews)

It’s not the first time a car has plummeted from the top level of a parking garage at Fashion Valley mall.

Back in August 2012, a BMW X5 crashed over the edge of the third-story parking structure (near Nordstrom) and landed onto two parked cars, injuring its 72 year old driver.

Three years later, on Sunday night at around 7:30 p.m., two women plunged from the top level of the SAME parking structure.

Car plunges at Fashion Valley

yikes. parking prob at the (fashion valley) mall. hope no one was hurt. - chris cantore (@chriscantore) December 14, 2015

According to a San Diego Fire-Rescue Department spokesman, the two women were conscious and breathing when they arrived on scene, but one victim was transported to Scripps Mercy Hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

Since photos of the crash have hit the web, the story has received national coverage - trending on Facebook.

Car nosedives

Yikes! Car nosedives off California mall parking garage - 41 Action News (@41ActionNews) December 14, 2015

Under investigation, the crash is believed to have happened when the driver hit the gas pedal instead of the brake.

Either way, we’re glad everyone is okay. Fashion Valley Mall might need to invest in stronger guard rails.

Source: DiscoverSD