Attention Span


By Pat Sherman

Could the iconic San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge someday be known as Coors Light Crossing?

Actually, yes.

Hoping to raise $4.5 million for a public art project that would add dramatic, decorative and environmentally-friendly lighting to the underside of the 2.1-mile bridge, Port of San Diego officials say they’re open to creative fundraising, including naming rights.

A design team led by British artist Peter Fink was selected to complete the work, which includes multi-colored support-beam lighting that can be changed seasonally or for holidays and special occasions.

“The bridge is spectacular during the day, but you kind of lose it at night,” says Port media relations manager, Marguerite Elicone. “We would like to make it sort of a landmark and a destination-like our own Eifel tower or Empire State Building.”

First, the Port must raise $700,000 for a feasibility study to see if the project is, well... feasible, Elicone says.