Artist Spotlight


By Amy T. Granite

Artist Amanda Stalter, who suffers from an anxiety disorder, often paints self-portraits that express varying degrees of angst and heartbreak. Her creative works reflect a dark beauty that stems from an upbringing she describes as “religiously flawed.”

“A lot of my need to create came from feeling guilty about everything I did... [as if my actions were] going to send me to hell,” she says.

In the past year, the emerging artist elevated her work after meeting Seattle-based pop-surrealist painter Casey Weldon at his recent show at Escondido’s Distinction Gallery.

“I went to meet him, and we hit it off,” Stalter says. “We became really great friends. He answers my questions, tells me what he thinks. Without him, I wouldn’t be as far as I am.”

Stalter has returned the favor by modeling for some of Weldon’s recent work. Meet the artist at the opening reception of “Irrelevant Roots,” September 19 from 5 to 10 p.m. at TPG2 gallery in Hillcrest.

9/19-10/13: “Irrelevant Roots”
featuring artists of the Copycat Violence Collective
1475 University Ave., Hillcrest