A fun new approach to auto care


I think we can all agree that getting your car fixed is not an enjoyable experience. Not only does it take time and effort to get a few quotes but you always walk away feeling like the mechanic came out on top. Well now there is another option and it may be the best one in town. That option is U Fix It Automotive in Oceanside. Joel Munoz, a gear head and mechanic guru partnered with longtime friend Larry Murnane, a real estate lawyer to find the perfect location to open up the Do it Yourself auto shop back in November of 2014.

Together they created a business that offers customers a place to perform the work on their own vehicles at a professional facility with lifts, equipment and software to get the job done. And if you’re not comfortable doing the work on your own you can bring in the parts or they can buy the parts for you and do all the work or you can collaborate together. Joel and Larry are proud to provide San Diegians a solution to those high cost and big mark up’s that come with going to a regular mechanic.

Q: With both of your backgrounds not in mechanics, what was the inspiration behind U Fix It?

Larry: Joel is the brains behind this business, and the operator. Having enjoyed working with him in previous successful ventures, I quickly became excited about this one. We both believe this business model has huge growth potential. Also, as real estate lawyer, broker and investor, I liked the concept of acquiring vacant industrial properties which can then be leased to a proven automotive repair business, thereby enhancing the value of the real estate investment.

Q: What is the most common thing that people come in to fix on their own?

Joel: Brake and oil changes by far. Oil changes because they are pretty easy to do, and brakes because people can save a lot of money over what traditional shops charge, and they also are not that difficult.

Q: If you could be a superhero, who would you be and why?

Joel: Wonder Woman: She’s a strong woman, knows how to use rope, and has her own plane.

Larry: “Underdog” because, as Shoeshine Boy’s heroic alter ego, he appears whenever his love interest, Sweet Polly Purebred, is harassed by villains. He also speaks in rhyme, as in “There’s no need to fear, Underdog is here!” I also like dogs, and have some doubts Superman and Batman are real.

Q: Best thing about doing business in San Diego?

Joel: Surf is only a 5 minute drive away. Makes for great lunch breaks!

Larry: Of course the weather and ocean beaches are amazing, but I also appreciate all of the opportunity and resources in San Diego which make pursuing your passions and living your dreams that much easier.

Q: If you could have any car what would it be and why?

Joel: 1976 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible. Smooth ride with attitude and distinctly southern Californian.

Larry: A black and white 1961 Corvette convertible, for its elegance, simplicity and performance.

Q: If you’re on a deserted island what are three things you would bring?

Joel: Surfboard, Modelo Beer, and hammock.

Larry: Sunscreen, my dog Piper, and a Floatplane (so I can restock Joel’s beer).

Q: Tell me what car you would take on a long road trip and where would you go?

Joel: 1976 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible and Patagonia/Lakes District in Chile. True adventure and no man’s land of wilderness and ocean.

Larry: Either a Jeep safari though Africa or Corvette convertible up the California coast and through America’s best National Parks.

Source: DiscoverSD