10 fun and sexy couples costumes

They say that Halloween is a fun night for single people only, but we totally disagree. The best part about this scary holiday is torturing your significant other into a couples costume and competing to be the life of the party. With the help from companies like Yandy, Party City and Buffalo Breath, you can find plenty of fun and sexy costumes to choose from this year.

Hunger Games

It’s relevant, it’s fun and who doesn’t love Jennifer Lawrence? This Hunger Games costume is sexy, tight and will hopefully help you both survive the night in style.

80s Rocker

Big hair, don’t care. You and your date will be the life of the party jamming to every 80s hair band known to man. The costume is perfect for the couple that wants to keep it colorful, but cheap.

Star Wars

With the new “Star Wars” trailer getting everyone excited, why not play the part and get in on the action. Grab a few hair buns and lightsabers and you’re good to go.


Looking like models is not just for the ladies this year. You and your hot man friend can be the hilarious characters, Derek Zoolander and Mugatu. Making every party and bar your own personal runway and giving the “blue steel” to everyone you see.

Dumb and Dumber

Just like the movie, these costumes from “Dumb and Dumber” will never get old. I can’t think of a better way to have a good time than reciting funny movie quotes and acting like Harry and Loyd all night.

Medieval Couple

With everyone drooling and in love with the sexy and tough characters from “Game of Thrones,” here is an outfit that seems to come right out of the medieval fantasy.

Robin and Batgirl

Superheroes can be tough, sexy and female. So grab your femme fatale partner and enjoy the night kicking villain butt in Batman and Robin masks and sexy spandex.

Chucky and Bride

The movie “Chucky” was legitimately terrifying. That walking, talking, murdering doll haunted the childhood nightmares of those born in the late 70s and early 80s. If you and your date want to be more scary than sexy, than this is the costume for you.


Whether you and your lover really are nerds or just pretending, this couples costume is cute and affordable.

Siracha Hot Sauce

This spicy sauce isn’t just a fan favorite at restaurants, but also a “hot” costume for this year. It’s perfect for the couple that prefers comfort clothing over tight sweaty spandex.

Source: DiscoverSD