At home with stylist Kristi Brooks

Stylist Kristi Brooks in her closet at her home on Friday in Escondido, California. (Hair & makeup by Amanda Thorne-Pritchard; Photo by Eduardo Contreras / Union-Tribune)
(Eduardo Contreras / San Diego Union-Tribune)

A Top Chef’s home kitchen, a master mixologist’s home bar, a stylist-to-the-stars’ home closet, a celebrated interior designer’s home décor and a prominent architect’s, well, home, beg the question -how do professional San Diegans bring their work home? Open their doors and see.

Hair & makeup by Amanda Thorne-Pritchard
The meticulously organized walk-in closet in Kristi Brooks’ Escondido home has room for husband Chris Pennington’s dress shirts and two drawings by 5-year-old daughter Harper. But the rest of it - the 16 shoe shelves, the rack of blouses organized by color and sleeve length, the fuzzy footstool and the family photos - is all Kristi.

The stylist and fashion-show producer believes in thin velvet hangers, vintage Adidas and wearing sequins during the day. But mostly Brooks believes in making your closet your sanctuary. “The closet should be your personal space,” she says. “I want things in here that mean something to me.”



Watch this

A college graduation gift from Brooks’ parents, this men’s Cartier tank watch gets worn everywhere with everything. “It’s been lived in and loved,” Brooks says.

Men’s Cartier Tank watches, from $2,550, Cartier,



Lighten up

Two kids plus two dogs equals big love for Le Labo’s woodsy Santal 26 candles. “These cover up the smell of our lives,” Brooks says of her scented stockpile.


Le Labo Santal 26 candle, $75, Le Labo Fragrances,


It’s in the bag

Brooks loves her bags, and with the shape-saving help of Innies quilted handbag inserts, they keep loving her back. “These are a must-have,” she says.

Handbag Innies, from $14.99, The Container Store,



Good jeans

Brooks is obsessed with the fit of Rag & Bone jeans, the skinnier and more distressed the better. No low-riders, please. “Your bits and pieces should all be tucked in,” she says.

Rag & Bone skinny jeans, from $185, Rag & Bone,




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