Tune town: A spotlight on San Diego band Elektric Voodoo

San Diego can rock and roll with the best of them - and not just because of the earthquakes. From Jewel, Switchfoot and P.O.D. to Tom Waits, Rocket From The Crypt and Andra Day, this fair city has produced more than its fair share of top talent over the years.

Here’s a look at Elektric Voodoo, a local band that’s worth tuning into now.

About the band

Scott Tournet: vocals, guitar, harmonica

Matt Bozzone: drums

Ty Kiernan: percussion

Evan Lucas: bass

Brad Nash: baritone sax

Travis Klein: alto sax

Willie Flemming: trombone

Established: 2016

Genre: World Beat Rock ‘n’ Roll

Record label: Independent

Biggest hit: “‘Secrets’ or ‘Boyfriend’; it’s hard to say. We really love the idea of the album as a whole.” (Scott Tournet)

Worst day job: “Certainly not the worst - it was actually one of the better ones - but maybe the one that surprises people was that I was an exterminator.” (Scott Tournet)

If it weren’t for music, we’d be: “Lost.” (Scott Tournet)

Next local gig: April 29 at Winstons (1921 Bacon St., Ocean Beach).

Of note: Elektric Voodoo leader Scott Tournet co-founded Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, which he was a member of from 2002 to 2015.
“We’re combining elements of World Music, American music, focused songwriting and improvised moments in a way that we haven’t heard anyone else do. Our music is rhythmically powerful and fun, but it also has deeper layers underneath, musically and lyrically, if you want to explore it further. We want to create something fresh and timeless, and to not compromise artistically. Most importantly, though, we want to have fun and savor the journey.” (Scott Tournet)

How to follow them

Facebook: @ElektricVoodoo (2K followers)
Instagram: @ElektricVoodoo (600 followers)
Twitter: @ScottTournet (1K followers)


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