Love Me Tinder

Compiled by Jennifer Ianni

Swiping isn’t just for kleptomaniacs anymore. These days, anyone hoping to steal a kiss from a stranger can turn to Tinder. The location-based mobile dating app shows users photos of others, and then allows them to swipe right to make a connection, or swipe left to decline. Unless two users swipe right on each other to create a “match,” all of the swiping remains anonymous, until now...

[Editor’s note: Below are real San Diego-based Tinder users’ unedited statements.]

Timothy R.: I am actually starting a blog called “Timmy Tinders the World” where
I chronicle the stories as I Tindered my way through 28 countries last year. Funny coincidences, all the way to stories about trying to discern whether I was chatting with a lady boy or beautiful Thai girl, stories about Australian girls and how incredibly dirty the Italian men’s messages were. I even had a Brazilian girl in Morocco, who had no interest whatsoever in me, ask me what I was doing, so I showed her Tinder and when she saw my profile photos, she [was] like, “Oh my goodness, you are actually attractive!” I promptly showered, did my hair and dressed less homeless and the next three days with her were incredible.

Frank M.: I saw my mom on Tinder and I swiped right.

Kathryn E.: I met some great guys on Tinder and have become friends with a couple of them. A year later and we’re still in touch. I can recall only one weirdo at the beginning. Some great sex and good times.

Karen O.: Tinder... Where psychopaths go to play. One of the quickest dates I’ve ever been on lasted all but 7 minutes. Remember the psycho serial killer in Silence of the Lambs? “It puts the lotion on the skin or else it gets
the hose again... it does whatever it’s told.” Yeah, well it could have been that scene if I hadn’t left when he went to the bathroom. Whack job galore.

Jessica K.: I had a Tinder guy over and the Mormon missionaries stopped by unannounced. Not impressed by the date itself, I threw caution to the wind and let them in. What transpired was one of the most awkward, yet
amazing experiences of my life. My neighbor/best friend came over about ten minutes in, knowing I had planned to have a guy over (he was my safety net), but his jaw dropped when he walked in on three well-dressed men in my living room. Needless to say, that one won’t soon be forgotten! No idea what happened to the Tinder date, though.

Colleen P.: I have more stories than curls. I just met someone on Thanksgiving, and by Christmas, I’d received a Facebook message from his girlfriend of three years. He wasn’t actually single after all.

Stina M.: I met the love of my life on Tinder.

Kelly T.: Went out on a Tinder date Nov. 11, 2014 to Mitch’s in Point Loma and a nightcap at The Pearl with a gentleman named Zack and haven’t looked back. Deleted the app after date two, which was four days later. A month later, he found out he was deploying at the end of February and we stuck it out. He got home and we moved in together, and things are going strong with another deployment around the corner. Our respective families love one another (he went all the way to New Jersey for Christmas!), we’re inseparable and blending friend groups was simple. We aren’t married - yet - but I had been dating in San Diego for seven years before meeting my perfect match via Tinder.

Maia C.: Back when Tinder was new, my (now) boyfriend Mario and I joined and ended up going on a first date that was magical. We were both looking for actual relationships. Fast forward a couple years and now we have a Tinder baby! We lie and tell everyone we met at 7-11.

Mike C.: The girl was 25 pounds heavier than her photos and she was drunk when I showed up. She started rubbing the inside of my thighs within 20 minutes of meeting her, and when I was unresponsive to her advancements, she licked the side of my face and whispered in my ear, “Take me home, now!” I smiled and said I had to use the bathroom. I went into barleymash’s bathroom, washed my face in the sink and then snuck out the back. She called me maybe a million times... I never answered