What’s on your summer bucket list?


I can’t be alone in feeling that rising sense of panic when the calendar flips to June and the realization hits that we have reached the halfway point of the year.

Without much change between seasons, the months fly by fast in San Diego, and in the blink of an eye we’re nearing the start of summer (which officially starts on June 21 this year, for those of you calendar-snobs).

Two years ago around this time, I asked locals to help me create a “San Diego Summer Bucket List,” essentially a compilation of must-try, quintessential San Diego activities that I would test out over the course of ten weeks. Each item was video recorded and written about, and the response from readers contributing their dream summer activities was overwhelming.

The idea came from a discussion with friends over drinks one lazy Sunday afternoon; we decided that no matter how long you’ve lived in San Diego, you will always find something you haven’t yet checked off, whether it be that hole-in-the-wall taco shop you’ve been meaning to try or a greater adventure that you could only experience with a little push from a pal (and maybe a shot of tequila).

So, I attempted stand up paddle-boarding in the Carlsbad Lagoon, rode the iconic Big Dipper Roller Coaster in Belmont Park, paraglided over the dramatic Torrey Pines coastline, kayaked through La Jolla’s Seven Caves and cuddled up with the koalas at the San Diego Zoo. There was also a ferry ride to Coronado, a surf lesson from the popular Surf Divas and even a rousing swim with the dolphins at San Diego’s SeaWorld. The highlight of the journey though, was receiving all of the reader suggestions on what to fill the challenge with next... Everyone’s summer bucket list felt fresh, diverse and thrilling.

Even without an obvious change in seasons, there’s still a palpable anticipation building in the salty San Diego air now for summer fun. No need to dread the swiftness of time is passing; summer was created to slow down and press pause. Whether you commemorate its arrival with a trip to the San Diego County Fair or a beach day with a bonfire, it’s time to wake those limbs from hibernation and discover our great backyard.

So San Diego, the question is this: What’s on your summer bucket list?

Do you dream of the day you finally brave the big blue? Have you felt a growing curiosity to see what lives in those talked-about tide pools? Itching to discover a new hiking trail this year? Or maybe it’s as simple as finally booking a staycation in a new part of town.

Tweet @DiscoverSD or me, @MichelleDederko, with your summer bucket list suggestions. The series is ready to restart, and we’re bringing you along for the ride!

Source: DiscoverSD