What do the Chargers have to do with Disney?


Uh-oh. There are new developments in the San-Diego- Chargers-moving-to-Los-Angeles drama.

Disney CEO Bob Iger has been tapped by the Chargers and the Oakland Raiders to become chairman of their bid to build a multi-use stadium in Carson, California.

Disney CEO Bob Iger - Chargers

Disney CEO Bob Iger to oversee Carson stadium, the one the Raiders and Chargers want. The Force is strong in Carson. - Patrick Chu (@SFBizPatrickChu) November 11, 2015

Being called a “game-changer” by those in-the-know, Iger said via statement: “L.A. football fans will enjoy unprecedented access to games during the season, in a state of the art stadium designed to deliver the most entertaining, exciting and enjoyable experience possible.”

If anyone knows how to deliver multiple levels of entertainment to the masses, it’s the dude who runs Disney.

To make matters worse, Iger’s five-year contract calls equity stake in either the Chargers or Raiders should the deal get pushed through.

Back here at home, Mayor Faulconer told the San Diego Union-Tribune, “There’s always something happening in L.A.,” the mayor said. “I remain focused on San Diego. Today is about the momentum we’ve put together. Today is about our plan and the tremendous support we have in San Diego.”

Source: DiscoverSD