Weekly Buzz (Oct. 24-28)


It’s been a busy week here in San Diego. Here are some of the buzziest stories you may have missed:

Halloween weekend is here!

It’s time to get spooky and have a good time here in San Diego, all weekend long. The Halloween parties kick off today, with big bashes that you don’t want to miss. Head over to FLUXX Halloween, Parq Asylum or Rise of the Phantom at OMNIA - to name a few. For a full listing of all the Halloween events that you should be at this weekend, click here. Be safe, San Diego - and have a ghoulish good time!

San Diego considers a proposal to ban Airbnb, other rentals

The City Council is taking up a measure to ban Airbnb and short-term rentals in San Diego next Tuesday. The issue revolves around residential zones, namely the fact that residents feel their quality of life is being impacted. To read more about the proposed measure, click here.

What do you guys think? Is Airbnb a bad thing for San Diego? Leave your comments below.

Local San Diegan, Mario Lopez, says we should vote “yes” on Measure C

Last week, we reported on Tony Hawk’s disapproval of Measure C in San Diego, the measure which proposes a brand new Chargers stadium. Another San Diego celebrity, Mario Lopez, is speaking out, but this time in support of the measure for the so-called “convadium.” Watch below to see what Lopez has to say about voting “yes” on Measure C.

A San Diego student creates dog chew toy denoting Donald Trump

John Morse, a student at California Western School of Law, has created his own chew toy for dogs called Chomp-A-Chump. The chew toy store sells its products for $9.99 and his most recent toys look an awful lot like presidential candidate, Donald Trump. While Morse started the company back in 2015, the idea of a special Trump-like toy came to him when his dog started barking at Donald Trump on TV during a debate.

“They’re pet toys with a purpose,” Morse said. “It’s not to be taken seriously. It’s a light, funny and farcical way to look at this political season.”

Would you, the voters, buy your dog a Donald Trump toy to chew on? Watch a video about the not-so-Trump-friendly toys here.

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