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Kaepernick takes a knee during the National Anthem at San Diego Chargers game

The ongoing story between Colin Kaepernick and the American flag does not appear to be coming to a close anytime soon. The drama has only escalated after a week of controversy due to him refusing to stand for the national anthem. He kneeled again during the national anthem, this time at the Chargers game on Thursday in San Diego. The game also happened to be military appreciation night at Qualcomm Stadium.

Kaepernick has said that he is protesting standing for the national anthem because he doesn’t feel America is doing a good job. He has said that he cannot take pride “in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.”

What do you think? Is Kaepernick being “un-American” or just taking a stand for what he believes in?

Gaslamp parking changes are now in effect

The City Council’s newest parking restriction for the downtown area has officially started tonight.

Yep, on Friday and Saturday nights, there will be no curbside parking allowed on Fifth Avenue from Broadway St. and Harbor Drive between 8 p.m. and 3 a.m. Expect your car to get towed if you don’t follow the signs, which will soon be posted. Beyond this restriction, there will also be no parking of oversized vehicles along San Diego streets.

These efforts are meant to improve traffic and provide a safer environment for pedestrians, taxis, police cars, emergency vehicles and bikers. The measure will be effective immediately for two years starting tonight.

Small Bar patio closure prompts petition

Small Bar is a place where many relish in hanging with friends or family while enjoying a cold brew, cheesesteak or their popular weekend brunch. Sadly, the front patio of Small Bar has been closed due to the City of San Diego’s claim from a citizen that the “exhaust from nearby (The Small Bar) is coming into a property. There’s no permit for the sidewalk cafe.”

The petition, which can be found on, is led by Aricka Fuller, a San Diego resident. As of today, the petition needs 267 more signatures to reach the necessary 1,500.

The comments below the petition, made by local San Diegans, insist that Small Bar’s patio is a community-focused establishment that isn’t disturbing anyone. It is also dog-friendly, which makes it welcoming to many more patrons in the area, many users noted.

94% of our readers voted in our poll that the Small Bar patio bar should be reinstated. We tend to agree.

The city of San Diego may have to pay millions of dollars for Mission Bay sewage spill

Earlier this year, there was a sewage spill in Mission Bay that claimed to dump 100,000 gallons of raw sewage into the bay. Turns out, that number is closer to 6.7 million gallons. The city is now facing charges of up to $10 per gallon and a max penalty fee of about $65 million.

Do you ever swim, kayak or wakeboard in Mission Bay? What are your thoughts on the issue?

Source: DiscoverSD