Weekly Buzz (April 4 - April 8)

Rain sucks. There’s no doubt about it. But as we embark on our fourth year in a drought here in San Diego, it’s kind of necessary to put aside our selfish, sun-loving ways and embrace the cold and wet (for at least a few days.) Remarkably, there are still ways to have fun in America’s Finest City without our pal, Mr. Sun. Click through to see some of our favorite things to do in town on a rainy day.

Rain comes down on San Diego

Typically, this isn’t a headline-maker in other cities. In San Diego, an unusual rainstorm in the middle of our normally sunny April has us feeling, well, cooler than we typically like to feel. El Nino weather is said to be lingering, which will cause a few storms over the next couple of days. The first system arrived on Thursday leaving the second and likely much stronger system to come down this weekend. Drive safe and stay dry this weekend, San Diego!

One, two, three losses for the Padres

At first, it was only one awful 15-0 loss against our rivals the Los Angeles Dodgers on Monday, April 4. Ouch. Not quite the Opening Day we were looking for.

After that game, the Pads sadly never recovered (nor did they score a run) during either game. We understand getting “outplayed” as Padres pitcher James Shields called it earlier this week, happens. We just hope it isn’t the theme of the season. #CmonPads

The Brewers Association names four San Diego Breweries in it’s top breweries of 2015 list

The top breweries across the nation are named each year by an organization known as the Brewers Association, who are a non-profit trade group representing independent craft breweries. So, what all-star San Diego breweries made this year’s list?

The winners are...

Stone Brewing Co., #10

Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits, #11

Green Flash Brewing Co., #41

Karl Strauss Brewing Co., #46

Cheers to that!

Source: DiscoverSD