Weekly Buzz (April 25 - 29)


Beyonce gets real on her “Lemonade” visual album that dropped earlier this week, particularly on the song “Sorry.” The song lyrics read:

“He only want me when I’m not there / He better call Becky with the good hair.”

The cryptic lyrics had rumor-mills speculating on exactly who “Becky with the good hair” is. The world started guessing Rachel Roy, which then gave way to confusion of Rachel Ray being the alleged mistress of Jay-Z. Next, Rita Ora and Liv were on the hit-list. Maybe it’s no one and all the buzz is nothing but publicity for Bey. Either way, we’re just excited to have a new, very personal and raw Beyonce album to listen to. Oh, and we’re thankful that her Formation Tour will be stopping by Qualcomm Stadium on May 12.

The Chargers draft Ohio State’s Joey Bosa

The Chargers drafted Joey Bosa, and it came as somewhat of a surprise to everyone. In retrospect, Bosa was a stellar choice by the Chargers and had been on their radar for quite sometime, said Chargers General Manager, Tom Telesco. “Certainly our No. 1 goal wasn’t to throw people off. Our goal was just to find football players...he has been the No.1 guy for a while, probably since September,” he said. The barely 21-year-old player will sign his four-year contract in the next few weeks. #GoBolts

Dog fatally bites three-day-old baby after failed 911 calls, is later euthanized

Last week, a dog fatally bit a three-day-old infant after reacting to the sound of the child’s mother’s cough. The child’s parents pulled their dog off of their baby after he began to bite the child and called 911 twice, with no response. After their attempts, they took their child to the hospital where he later died. The dog, Polo, was euthanized Wednesday night by the parents.

blink-182 debut new single, tour without Tom Delonge

The Poway-based pop-punk band released their first single as a Tom Delonge-less band. The new trio of Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker and Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio came forward with “Bored to Death” and announced their new tour which will kick off in San Diego at Viejas Arena on July 22. While Tom relays to the public he is busy working on his own personal affairs, the rest of the world is enjoying music from Blink. Check out their new video below:

Blink 182’s new single “Bored to Death” off their upcoming album, “California”

San Diego city crews use rocks to deter homeless people

Our city boasts a lot of great things, but being the fourth-largest homeless population in the country is certainly not one of them. The city recently placed jagged rocks below Interstate 5 near Imperial Avenue to push homeless people away from the underpass and make residents more comfortable. The initiative spent $57,000 dollars to make this transition complete.

Source: DiscoverSD