Weekly Buzz (April 10-15)


San Diego’s Mission Brewery may have to move for the bolts

Undeniably one of the coolest craft beer locations, Mission Brewery has made the old Wonder Bread building downtown its new home... for now. The San Diego Chargers plan to create a new stadium-convention center would place the historic building directly in the middle of the football field. Only time will tell what will happen with the impending stadium location.

Easter-egg theft mystery solved

Earlier this month, on Easter Sunday, a little boy with Down syndrome in Chula Vista had his Easter eggs stolen from his front yard by an elderly woman and her grandkids. The woman has now been identified, and the case has been sent over to the district attorney. The mother of the boy received a huge out-pour from across the country and her community, as well as an apology Easter basket from the parents of the children.

Everyone’s favorite desert festival returns to Indio

It’s time for thousands of people to flock to the desert to escape reality for three days at Coachella. San Diego is doing its part to keep some Coachella vibes going as well, including live streams and parties like the Uptown Tavern steaming event. If you’re starting to feel bummed that you aren’t heading to the desert, check out our tips on how to handle the massive FOMO that can come from skipping Coachella.

Padres do well, then continue to get shut out

It ain’t easy loving the Pads sometimes. Our team lost three more games in Philadelphia this week. Is it possible for us to pull out of this hazy, losing streak? It seemed like we had a good thing going for a second there, with the 13-6 and 16-3 wins versus the Colorado Rockies last week. Let’s hope we can get a number on the board at tonight’s 7:40 p.m. game vs. the Arizona Diamondbacks at Petco Park. #CmonPads

Body washes ashore on Mission Beach

On Friday April 15 at around 5 a.m., a body of a middle-aged man in a wet suit was found washed ashore at Mission Beach. The man was found near the popular Belmont Park area, specifically near Cannonball restaurant. The lifeguards said that the body was first reported as a person in cardiac arrest. There has been no cause of death determined nor has the man been identified as of this morning.

Source: DiscoverSD