VW rips through San Diego


Have you seen the video of a jacked-up, off-roading VW ripping through the streets of San Diego?

If not, check it out below.

VW tears through SD

Posted last week by Perplexed Media on YouTube, “Urban Assault: San Diego Shark Attack” shows the driver of the modified Baja Bug speeding, skidding, flying and, err, donut-ing around our beautiful town.

While some of the footage is certainly Hollywood stunt-worthy, the gray-haired-father-of-two-little-kids in me asks: Is this safe?

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, Capt. Joe Ramos of the San Diego Police traffic division said they received several calls from concerned citizens who witnessed the video shoot. Additionally, the case is being investigated by the city attorney.

Legalities aside, after watching the video, do you think this is super cool or super douchey?

Source: DiscoverSD