Tips from a designer on moving in together


So you’re recently married or moving in with a new roomie. Your cinder-block-and-pine shabby conflicts with her French country chic. How do you keep your new living arrangement from imploding before you throw your first dinner party?

When asked for five tips on how to survive the big move while embracing your partner’s “habits,” here’s what Maegan Swabb, owner and principal designer at M. Swabb Decor + Style, came up with:

1 Consult an interior designer: Even if for only an hour, allow someone in neutral territory to offer bright ideas and help comb through the goods. We always make time and love to work with fun young couples - old too.

2 Designate a place for mail, specifically an area that is close to the door and wall-mounted: Men are notorious for generating small piles of mail and other things they collect over the years. Having a place for those items can save a relationship.

3 Embrace the quirkiness of your partner’s artwork and found objects: Even though they may seem silly now they might be worth something someday. If anything they make a good conversation starter.

4 Make the most of your outdoor space: Utilizing your outdoor space as an extra living room or dining room can feel like an extension of your property and San Diego is perfect for turning that concrete slab into a relaxing retreat to strum your guitar, read the paper with a cup of coffee or host a small gathering with friends and family.

5 Declutter: If you have two of something, play rock-paper-scissors, if necessary.

Bonus tip

Spend an evening with a bottle of wine, or whiskey - whatever floats your boat - and start pinning. Don’t start on your home together without understanding the potential your partner has envisioned.

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Source: DiscoverSD