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Donald Trump rally stops by San Diego

Trump stopped by San Diego Friday for a rally at the Convention Center, arriving at Lindbergh Field aboard his personal plane around 1:30 p.m. Marching protesters and a slew of supporters gathered downtown, causing some chaos. Protestors carried pinatas that had a striking resemblance to Trump while holding signs that read things like, “racist” and “bigot.” Those in favor of Trump chanted things like “USA! USA!” and donned their “Make America Great Again” hats. Early in the afternoon, three people required medical attention after the rally had ended, and San Diego Police SWAT teams were disbursed to clear out protestors later in the day.

Living by the ocean makes you a happier person

As we all know, the ocean is a pretty magical thing. It can actually make you happier. No, really. A Michigan State University study shows that there is a positive correlation between health and coastal living. The study centered on Wellington, New Zealand and two groups of residents: those who lived on the coast had views of the Tasman Sea or Pacific Ocean and those who lived inland or near forests and parks. The results showed that people living near the water reported less psychological distress. The study took into consideration financial situation, sex and age demographics and still found a positive correlation. No wonder we’re so happy to live in America’s Finest City! Read the whole story, here.

Padres national anthem controversy comes to an end

The Padres were in hot water after the San Diego Men’s Gay Chorus took to the field to sing the national anthem and a recording of a women’s voice played instead as they stood before the crowd. The Padres had insisted it was a mistake, firing the DJ that reportedly made the error. Since the incident, the MLB has investigated to make sure there was no foul-play and no orientation-related reason for the accident. MLB recently released a statement that said:

“The Department of Investigations has concluded that the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus has performed the Star-Spangled Banner multiple times before a Padres game; that Saturday’s regrettable situation was a product of human error; that the situation was exacerbated by the fact that the lead entertainment supervisor was involved in a car accident on Friday night and thus was unable to work on Saturday and handle his typical responsibilities; that employees involved in the matter were handling new duties with which they were insufficiently familiar; and that the employees involved had no malicious intentions and, in fact, universally relayed contrition for how the incident unfolded and the adverse impression that it created. MLB received the full cooperation of Padres management, which expressed its deepest apologies. MLB believes that the Padres’ efforts to remedy the situation, including its invitation to the Chorus to return to a future game to perform the National Anthem, are appropriate and has every expectation that the Club’s longstanding record of inclusion will be evident in the future.”

The DJ who took responsibility for the mistake has since apologized to the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus and Padres fans and after a brief firing, was reinstated to his position.

See the mixup below:

Padres national anthem mixup

Chula Vista woman wins $1.22 million jackpot at Sycuan Casino

One lucky San Diego resident just became a little, er...a lot richer. Chula Vista resident Falina R. won $1.22 million at Sycuan Casino while playing the Buffalo Grand slot machine, which takes pennies. Congratulations, Falina!

Seven San Diego restaurants made the list for OpenTable’s best al fresco dining in U.S.A.

OpenTable recently released a list of restaurants considered the best al fresco dining spots in the nation. California is home to 44 restaurants of the 100 on mentioned, and San Diego nabbed 7 of those 44 spots. Click here to find out which restaurants earned a place on the list.

Source: DiscoverSD