Taking a Bow


Photography by Grey Lockwood

Styled by Kristi Brooks

Makeup by Libbey Lazarus, Kiss and Makeup Now

Hair By Rochelle Sunglao, Bluxom Salon

Photographer’s Assistants: Andy Wilhelm, Josh Morse

Shot at DK3 Studios, Sorrento Valley

Don’t mess with Nyssa al Ghul.

She’s a member of The League of Assassins on Arrow (The CW’s hit action-adventure series) and she’s scary-good with a bow. Giving al Ghul her strength of character is actor Katrina Law, best known for her starring role as Mira, a rough-and-tumble fighter on the popular STARZ series Spartacus: Blood and Sand and Spartacus: Vengeance.

A marine-biology-major-turned- actor from South Jersey, Law has played strong women with complex characters. Given her experience in sports, martial arts, dancing, singing and standup comedy, earning critical acclaim for filling these roles hasn’t been much of a stretch.

Next up for Law is 12 Gifts of Christmas, a Hallmark Channel movie premiering Thanksgiving night. Before taking aim at the next season of Arrow, she drops her bow, says she dreams of being an action hero and reveals how she makes her enemies quiver.

PacificSD: You’ve played badass women in Spartacus and Arrow. In real life, you’re an actual badass black belt in Taekwondo. Using all of your real and imagined faculties, to whom would you like to give a serious beat-down and why?

KATRINA LAW: They know who they are, and my triple Salchow, flying double-kick to the throat would totally take them out.

Who are your heroes?
My parents are my heroes. I love them beyond belief and I am so proud of them. Life has dealt them a few hard knocks, and to watch them work their way through the mess together and come out of it still standing is awe- inspiring.

What’s your dream acting role?
I would love to be the female Jason Bourne. Or the female Aragorn from Lord of the Rings.

You sing, dance, do standup comedy and act. What are you best at and what skills or talents don’t you possess that you’d like to?
I would love to be able to cook something that doesn’t immediately set off people’s gag reflexes. Flavor combinations and open fires are not my strong points.

What joke have you told on-stage that got the biggest laugh?
My being half-Asian, Asian jokes have always gone over well on stage.

What’s been the most rewarding part of your career?
The most rewarding aspect of my career is getting to hear the positive effects that my work has had on people - knowing that Spartacus helped get a man through his chemotherapy by inspiring him to fight on, and that it helped our military boys feel connected and understood overseas. Hearing how Arrow helped give a girl the strength to come out of the closet to her parents, how its strong female characters inspire young girls to start taking karate classes, and how a father and son who were a bit distanced found common ground on their couch on Wednesday nights... [these things] inspire me. This is why we do what we do: tell stories. We want to make people feel connected, to entertain, to let people know that somewhere out there is someone who also understands your journey, and that you are not alone.

What’s been the most challenging aspect of your career?
The down time in between jobs - not knowing if or when you will work again is always mentally taxing. This is where faith and perseverance come into play; believing that, if you keep pushing on and working hard, things will fall your way.

Which is the scariest place to be brought up, Spartacus’ ancient Rome, the jungles portrayed in Arrow or South Jersey?
Ha! I think it’s a toss up between Ancient Rome and South Jersey.

What’s your favorite music to listen to? Or dance to?
I listen to everything from Muse to Rihanna, Beats Antique, Taylor Swift, The Eagles, Lana Del Rey, Tim McGraw and Murs. I think it’s really about what mood I am in and what strikes my fancy at the moment. I do find myself dancing a lot to Nicki Minaj.

What gifts would you like to receive this holiday season?
I would love to receive the continued gifts of love, friendship, luck, family, friends and health. I would also like to receive one million dollars - broken down into bank issued non- sequential twenties - and my own personal masseuse under my Christmas tree. Please, and thank you.


ON KATRINA: Fringe dress by Parker ($418) and Nudistsong heels by Stuart Weitzman ($398), Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley, Mason earrings ($68) and Quinn ring ($98) by Double Happiness,

ON KATRINA: Gorgiya dress by Ted Baker ($335), Ted Baker Fashion Valley, tedbaker. com. Enchant scroll earrings in platinum and diamond ($11,000), Tiffany & Co. Fashion Valley,

ON KATRINA: Star dress by Aqua ($108) and glove booties by Stuart Weitzman ($585), Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley, Ariella earrings ($140), Bella bracelets ($50 each) and Zahav bracelets ($35 each) by Double Happiness,

ON KATRINA: Dessa dress ($798), charm heels ($398) and furry owl bag ($398) by Kate Spade, Kate Spade Fashion Valley, J-hoop platinum and diamond earrings ($36,000), Victoria platinum and diamond bracelet ($37,000), and Enchant platinum and diamond scroll ring ($98,000), Tiffany & Co. Fashion Valley,

ON KATRINA: Beaded top by Alice + Olivia ($368) and Hendrick culotte by BCBG ($178), Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley, Si necklace ($120) and Adara earrings ($160) by Double Happiness, doublehappinessjewelry. com. Moniirra heels by Ted Baker ($185), Ted Baker Fashion Valley,


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Katrina Law’s Acting Credits - Past, Future and Presents

Spartacus is history, for now. Catch Karina Law on Arrow, which will continue to air on The CW through at least 2016, and on 12 Gifts of Christmas, which premieres Thanksgiving Day on Hallmark Channel.

Law as Mira on Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

Law as Nyssa al Ghul on Arrow

Law as Anna Russo on 12 Gifts of Christmas