Sydney Seau remembers her dad

Sydney Seau remembers Junior Seau

While Sydney Seau, the daughter of late San Diego Chargers linebacker Junior Seau, wasn’t given the opportunity to speak at her father’s Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony Saturday, she did share her heartfelt speech with The New York Times.

Hall of Fame’s rules prohibit family members from delivering speeches on behalf of deceased inductees, but after watching the following testimonial -- recorded in Sydney’s hotel room in Canton, Ohio -- said rules should be reconsidered. Immediately.

“His athleticism and talent made him extraordinary enough to make it into the Hall, but it is his passion and heart that make him truly legendary and deserving of this tremendous honor,” said Seau, who turned 22 on Friday.

“I know at times it seemed as if everything you accomplished in life wasn’t enough, but today and every day since you held me in your arms for the first time, you weren’t just enough; you were more than enough. In fact, you were everything,” she said in her speech.

You can watch her entire speech in the player above.

Source: DiscoverSD