S&M takes title in Meat March Mayhem


You the readers have spoken, and the winner of the inaugural DiscoverSD Meat March Mayhem challenge is: S&M (Sausage & Meat).

There is no shortage of great meat treats at S&M - a clear indicator of their Meat March Mayhem win - but what really sets this restaurant apart is the fun they have with the clever odes to their namesake and to meat in general. The team plays off their restaurant name by providing safe words that get patrons free bacon, there are Meat Mondays where all sausages are half off, and if PETA shows up in protest (as they have been known to do), it means free bacon, too.

S&M (Sausage & Meat)

University Heights

Address: 4130 Park Blvd.

Phone: (619) 344-2177



Address: 1102 Market St., East Village


Start your meal off with a sausage board (try the pineapple portugese, one of the exotic meat sausages they have on hand, or Frank’s favorite the housemade pizza sausage) or fried pork belly bites. If you’re feeling traditional, you can’t go wrong with a BLT, but for a serious treat Frank recommends the Elk/Pork Muenster Meatloaf with a pineapple chipotle barbecue sauce and fried onions sitting on top of sour cream cheddar mashpotatoes.

A new addition to the menu is the Head to Tail (available on Fridays and Saturdays only), which is a shared board of meats from, well, head to tail of the pig, including porchetta, pig ears, pork wings, pulled pork and chicarones.

Don’t forget about S&M’s “meaty” cocktails, too. The Flip, Flip Flipadelphia packs a punch with Kill Devil Baconshine, cold pressed coffee, egg, smoked sugar and ground coffee or try the Swine Bar Old Fashioned with bacon-infused Buffalo Trace, bacon maple syrup and whiskey barrel-aged bitters. During happy hour from 3-6 p.m., each drink comes with a free slice of bacon.

S&M also has a second location with even more meaty offerings inside the Quartyard in East Village.

Source: DiscoverSD