SD McDonald’s now offers Sriracha items

So, if you didn’t already know, San Diego-based McDonald’s restaurants have been a guinea pig for a handful of new ideas that the larger-than-life fast food chain has. Example A: We got to test out their all-day breakfast menu concept. Next up on the chain’s list for improving their customer’s satisfaction? Sriracha and Big Mac special sauce.

The new flavor of sauce is made with white cheddar, kale, spinach, crispy onions, tomato and a secret blend of Sriracha and traditional Big Mac sauce. The flavor option is part of the restaurant’s signature crafted menu that aims to give guests more options when ordering.

Other sauces offered include pico guacamole and maple bacon Dijon, each bringing a more customized flavor to your sandwich or burger.

This Huffington Post article talked about America’s Sriracha obsession, asking the question if McDonald’s would be the next brand to carry the sauce. Three years later and yep, Sriracha is popular enough to be a standard at McDonald’s and many other restaurants across the country.

The signature menu items are available at participating restaurants in San Diego County.

What do you think? Would you be willing to stop by the golden arches to try a sriracha sandwich or burger?

Source: DiscoverSD